Do cellphones cause cancer?

Do cellphones cause cancer?

I recently had a conversation with someone who was worried about “radiation from cell phones” causing cancer.  He cited stories about a guy who had a tumor in the side of his head right where he would hold his phone, as well as a story about policemen getting brain tumors where there radar guns had pointed through them. (Why the radar guns would be mounted behind their heads I have no idea.)

Let’s get this straight, the radiation from cell phones doesn’t have enough energy to cause damage to DNA.  It can cause local heating, but so can walking outside in the sun or using a heating blanket. Without damage to the DNA, we are at a loss for how in the world this could be causing cancer.  Studies have shown that there is no correlation between cell phones and cancer.

Electromagnetic radiation has been put on the list of stuff to keep an eye on and keep studying, but for now, there is no reason you should be worried about cancer from cell phones.


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