Faith in Humanity? – Comments on a NBC News Story on the Pledge of Allegiance

Faith in Humanity? – Comments on a NBC News Story on the Pledge of Allegiance

An NBC story about a court case to stop schools from saying the pledge of allegiance has gathered 5780 comments in about 19 hours.  As usual, internet comments are a hive of scum and villainy.  But let’s take a look at some of them.  They start out about as great as you would expect.

If they’re so unsatisfied about what this country was founded on, then they need to leave America. Removing God from this country is the reason why this country is falling.

Of course, America was a fractured religious landscape since the beginning.  The colonies had a vast multitude of different ideas about what religion was supposed to be and lots of groups had fled persecution elsewhere.  The “Under God” which is in the pledge of allegiance was not added until 1954 and “In God We Trust” was not the national motto until 1956.  I challenge that adding these words was against the founding principles of a secular government.

Well, I for one hope that the good Lord smotes the heathen, sons-a-bitches………..

Wow, Waldo, that’s such a wonderfully Christian thing to say. Thanks for reinforcing my view that all xtians are nothing but vile, hateful, and some times violent individuals.

Why Randy Dandy?….why the invective? I love my fellow man and women. I just think some of them a little smoting now and then……

I find this exchange hilariously sad.  Mr. Waldo wants some smoting and Randy calls him out on it.  Waldo can’t understand Randy and thinks he’s supplying invective (insulting, abusive, or highly critical language).  Waldo says he loves everyone, he just thinks they need some smoting (sic).  I see this all the time, Christians say something awful and when someone calls them out on it, they start acting all sheepish and oppressed.

Seems like there is always some @!$%# that doesn’t like something about our country and our traditions and thinks millions of citizens should change their ways to suit the @!$%#. Well, fvck you @!$%#! MOVE!!!

Always fun to point to the fact that millions of people agree with you.  If you don’t like the majority opinion, you should just move.  Forget the fact that you have as much right to be there as a member of the majority does. Ask yourself, should those racially oppressed just have moved away instead of fighting for their rights?  If school children were called on to start everyday with a pledge stating “one nation, under Allah” would you think that was right?  Would you move away? To where? Always be careful of those rights you want to give to the majority, you might not always be the majority.

If you like horrible arguments, take some time to read some more comments and enjoy.


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