Misogyny and Insults to Women in the Bible (Old Testament)

Misogyny and Insults to Women in the Bible (Old Testament)

From the very beginning the Christian bible has a dim view of women.  They are created to be a helper for man, but just end up causing mankind to be kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  There is a long history of oppression of women by Christians, though of course some sects and individual Christians have been a great help to women.  But my claim is that the Christian bible is itself full of things that teach that women are second class citizens.  This should not be a shock to anyone, but I fear that it is.

Here’s just a hint of some of the awful stuff in the old testament.  Trust me, there is way more than you probably think.  I challenge you to read the old testament and come out thinking that the god described thinks men and women should be treated equally.

  • Men can have more than wife starting in Genesis 4:19, but women of course don’t have more than one husband.  If having lots of wives isn’t enough for a man, he can always get some concubines to go with it.  Of course women who sleep around are horrible, though. (Genesis 38:24)
  • Even the ten commandments list a neighbor’s wife as his possession alongside his donkey.
  • There are even instructions on how to sell your daughter. (Exodus 21:7-8)
  • Women are treated as property. Lot was willing to trade his two daughters so save the angels that showed up in town. Same story with a Levite’s concubine later in Judges.
  • Jacob works for years to earn Rachel like buying a house or car.
  • Think your wife is cheating on you? Take her to the priest and make her drink poison to find out. (Numbers 5)
  • In war the men could take the women prisoners and rape them (Deut 21)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I challenge you to read more for yourself.

You would think that a person that thinks women are property or second class citizens is backwards and awful. Why would you worship a god that is that way?


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4 responses to “Misogyny and Insults to Women in the Bible (Old Testament)”

  1. Morgan Hart says :

    Hello, I am the editor for 10forJesus.com. I’m interested in what you have to say and I’d like to debate this openly with you, if you are interested, but I notice your last post was in 2015 and I’m wondering you’re still blogging. Please reply.

    • human7e9 says :

      Hi, Morgan. I’m not actively blogging, but I’m still lurking around. Not sure exactly what you are after, but would be willing to dialogue. We seem to have pretty different viewpoints, which could be interesting. 🙂

      • Morgan Hart says :

        That’s why, actually. I’d been tinkering around with an essay on the backburner of responses to some of the comments I’ve heard about misogyny in the Bible. I thought to Google it to see if there’s any I hadn’t heard before, and congratulations! your blog is the first that comes up in my Google search for “misogyny in the Bible”.

        It’s always been an interesting topic to me, because I was raised by a mother who was a die-hard feminist, and I ended up becoming a Christian as an adult, around what a lot of people call “marrying age”. So I’m in a very specific place to see these issues from both sides, and I’ve also spent my life thinking about these things and reconciling the less pretty parts of the Scriptures to the God I came to know and love as an adult.

        I don’t really figure I’ll change you in any way, but I guess at the end of the day, it reads better to speak to a living, breathing human being with a decent head on her shoulders than it does to argue theology with a blank page.

      • human7e9 says :

        Morgan, I’ve sent you an email. Looking forward to a conversation.

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