Atheism isn’t an Explanation of the Universe

Atheism isn’t an Explanation of the Universe

I’ve been listening to a lot of arguments against atheism for for religion and christianity. One refrain that I hear over and over again is that the atheistic world view is bankrupt.  If you believe it you believe that you have no purpose and that you are all random particles and will grow depressed and die.

There are a lot of things wrong with this, but I want to stick with just one facet.  Atheism is not an explanation of how the universe came to exist.  Or how humans came to exist.  Atheism doesn’t require the belief that there was a big bang at the beginning of the universe.  It doesn’t require that you have a good understanding of the latest scientific advances (though I’m sure this helps). 

Atheism simply means that I don’t believe you when you say your god is the explanation for it all.


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One response to “Atheism isn’t an Explanation of the Universe”

  1. R. L. Culpeper says :

    Very true. Beyond that, there are many different types of atheists (i.e. strictly empiricists, existentialists, nihilists, etc.). None of which, have anything to do at all with, explaining how we got here; unless, of course, you’re an evolutionary biologist or cosmologist who just happens to also be an atheist.

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