Why I Don’t Believe the God of the Bible Exists

I don’t believe the God described in the Christian Bible exists.  I used to, truly I did.  At one point I was thoroughly convinced. Now, after more study, I think I was not justified in my belief.  That god just doesn’t stand up to an even look at the evidence.  Please notice that I’m talking about the God of the Christian Bible.  Not a vague “unmoved mover” or other concept that some like to call God.

Factual Claims of the Bible Refuted by Evidence

The Christian Bible makes specific factual claims.  Some of those claims have been refuted by what we humans have found in evidence in the sky and in the earth.  This includes the stories of creation, a global flood, and other events and historical facts.  The evidence shows that these things did not happen as described.

The responses of people who believe in the God described seem to follow certain patterns. One response is to claim that they are backed up by evidence, either by cherry picking certain portions of a story (evidence seems to show that the universe had a start, so that means the creation story is correct) or by ignoring contradictory evidence (young earth creationism at its finest).  Another response is to claim that the stories provided are just stories, and are not intended to really describe what happened.  Fine, then why should I believe in other portions of the book if these parts are just made up or exaggerated stories?

Shrinking Power and Influence of the Christian God

In fact, it appears to me that the god described seems to be shrinking in ability to influence the earth.  In the beginning he was the powerful creator of the universe.  Able to shoot fire beams down from the sky and vaporize rocks, feed whole groups of people for years at a time, strike whole armies blind, kill thousands at a time, and demolish whole cities in miraculous events.

Later, in the New Testament, his powers seem to have shrunk to healing some individuals and raising a few from the dead, along with the ability to calm storms, feed smaller groups of people for an afternoon, kill trees by words, and smite only a person or two.  Great things are still promised in the future, of course, like demolishing the entire universe, but not actually yet performed.

Flash to the present day, and his powers seem to be reduced to (maybe) slightly altering the probability of events, though when tested this can never seem to be verified.  Between this, giving people internal feelings of conviction, and appearing in pieces of toast, the power of god definitely appears to have shrunk.

No Evidence of the Supernatural

And really, this is just part of the general trend of the supernatural being put of of business.  Diseases which were previously said to be caused by demons are now understood to have other causes.  Despite all the opportunities, there has been no credible evidence of ghosts, angels, demons, werewolves, dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, or other magical creatures.

Other signs point to the fact that we are just natural beings, with no supernatural component.  Our consciousness seems to be wrapped up in our brains, not in some eternal soul stapled on.  Changes to our physical brains can change our personalities and moral decision making.  Why would we think that our personalities would survive the complete destruction of our bodies when it can’t even handle smaller insults like magnetic fields?

Open to Evidence

I just no longer see any good reason to think that God as described in the Christian Bible exists, or ever did exist.  But I’ve been wrong before, so as with everything else I’ll remain willing to change my mind. Any suggestions on things I should consider?  If you believe that this particular god exists, why?  What would make you question your conclusion?



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