No Answers in Genesis

Have you read through some of the Answers in Genesis articles and thought about their arguments?  I know, it can be painful. For example, take this AiG page:

His argument is that there is no need to show that God exists.  If someone doesn’t agree then they are just lying. This seems crazy to me.  Around the world, Christians make up only 31.5% percent of the population ( So this is saying that the other 68.5 percent of humanity are all lying because they all really know that the Christian God is the correct one, they just don’t want to follow his commands.  Seriously? 
Of course these other religions could make the same claim.  All humans know the path to nirvana found by Buddha is the correct way.  They just lie to themselves because they don’t want to follow the path. (Replace with any other religion.)
AiG is full of stuff like this.  For example:  Here the author states that you have to start out believing that the Bible is true.  He states that atheists start out with a belief that there is no God and move on from there.  I agree that humans often do come to conclusions first and then make up reasons why they are right, but I strongly believe that this is a bad idea.  So I disagree with this statement in the article:
“It isn’t so much the evidence for the Bible you do not accept; you don’t accept the fact—as your starting point—that the Bible is true. When you presuppose that the Bible must be “proven,” any sort of evidence you see can be interpreted against the Bible. But Christians, who start with the presupposition that the Bible is true, can explain the evidence—logically, consistently, and correctly.”

This doesn’t make sense to me.  Can you imagine talking to your children and saying, “Now first you have to start with the fact that Santa Claus is real.  Then you can explain any evidence that might show up.”  The author goes on to talk about how only the Bible has a consistent version of how things like why there are rock layers, why there are so many people groups, and etc.  This is not true because other religions have stories which would also describe these things.  I believe the way to decide which (if any) are right are based on evidence in the real world.  The rocks don’t agree with a global flood.  Archeological finds don’t agree with the Tower of Babel as the start of different languages.  The stories just don’t hold up to fact checking.  So when this happens what are you supposed to do?  I would say you would need to say well, apparently this either isn’t true, or doesn’t mean that I thought it meant.

In conclusion, I think our best bet is to test our conclusions to see if they are correct, not start with the assumption that they are correct and that anyone that doesn’t agree is a liar who really know that we are right but just doesn’t want to admit it.

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One response to “No Answers in Genesis”

  1. Dena says :

    I had to wade through their articles for a project I did last summer, so yes, I understand the pain.

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